App, Web & Connectivity

MAHLE´s permanently connected ecosystem

Unfied and flawless integration across smartbike components, accessories, and software.

Enhance your Ride

At MAHLE, we have been studying for years how to support you during and after a
ride, implementing an exhaustive analysis of system performance and providing
detailed information about your activity. So that you and your system are in perfect
synergy by integrating our industry-leading Artificial Intelligence technology directly
into the eBike, we can vastly improve performance and your experience.

All of this is supported by an app and a website that will help you manage and analyze the data, as well as configure your riding preferences.

Your smartphone, your SmartBike

Wherever you go, your SmartBike goes with you. Connect with your SmartBike to adapt and adjust the behavior and performance of the system. providing security, battery consumption management and ride data analysis. You’ll also get instant feedback on your performance, customize engine maps, log your activities, get wherever you want to go with guided mapping and much more.

My SmartBike App
My SmartBike App

Go all the details

Get an in-depth web experience. Check detailed information about your rides, so you can get a detailed analysis of your routes, comparing data in a visual way, such as elevation, health-related data and exclusive metrics from your system. You can also check your ride in map format and automatically share it with third-party platforms such as Strava™

Smart Assist: Personalized Assistance for Every Journey 

Experience the freedom of cycling without the hassle of adjusting assist modes. Our new Smart Assist feature provides personalized assistance based on your weight, road gradient, and power requirements. With MySmartBike App, the perfect level of assistance is always at your fingertips.

New app features
MySmartBike Strava Routing

MySmartBike Meets Strava

MySmartBike is now fully integrated with Strava, the world’s largest social network for athletes. Sync your MySmartBike profile with your Strava account to transform your activities into navigable routes, upload your own GPX, or even create new navigable routes.

MAHLE connected ecosystem

At MAHLE, connectivity is at the heart of the development of the entire SmartBike solution.

We believe SmartBikes are the natural evolution of eBikes, where besides the assisted ride through electric motors, they offer the ability to be permanently connected, and open to new services that offer continuous system and ride improvements. The new connectivity platform is common to all MAHLE systems and is constantly evolving.

Define the way you want to ride

Do you need more power? More acceleration? Less reactiveness? MAHLE’s system analyses the information your ride generates, allowing you to set out the perfect setup for your Smartbike and yourself.

Don't miss out on any detail

We process more than 100 different parameters that you can monitor at any time through our platforms. You can also share your activities with cyclists around the world thanks to our Strava integration.

Rider & SmartBike in perfect symbiosis

MAHLE’s connected ecosystem will not only help you to adjust the SmartBike to your needs, it will also tell you how to use it in the best way to achieve your own goals and objectives.

Communication Made Easy

MAHLE systems respond to the ANT+ communication protocol, a wireless technology for monitoring devices that enables simple and reliable communication. Synchronize your devices and enjoy the full experience.

X20 System

The lightest and smartest eBike rear
hub system on the market

X35 System

MAHLE X35 is the system that started it all. Invisible integration into the frame and ideal prower performance, creates the most natural ebike riding experience in the world.