App, Web & Connectivity

MAHLE´s always connected ecosystem

Unfied and flawless integration across smartbike components, accessories, and software.

Enhance your Ride

At MAHLE we have been working for years on how to support you during the ride and after it, carrying out a detailed analysis of how does the system work and delivering detailed information about your activity. Our new app and web solutions have been completely updated and refreshed, to allow us to go a step further in this direction. They are designed to evolve and increase their capabilities together with you, with exciting new services implemented and many others that will come, keeping your system always up to date.

Your smartphone, your smartbike

Wherever you go, your SmartBike comes along. Our new APP is built as a launch base for new functionalities where safety, consumption management and ride data analysis. Connect with your smartbike to adapt and adjust system behavior and performance, get instant information about battery status, customize motor maps, record your activities, have access to statistics, see bike location and more.

Get in to details

Get deeper in your experience in our web. Find detailed information of your rides, that enables you to analyze your routes in detail, comparing data in a visual way, such as elevation, health-related data and exclusive metrics from your e-bikes. You will have also your tour on maps and an automatic way to share your trip with third platforms like Strava™

MAHLE connected ecosystem

At MAHLE connectivity it is the basis for the development of the entire SmartBike solution. We believe smartbikes are the natural evolution of ebikes, where besides the assisted ride through electric motors is supplemented with the ability to be always connected, being that the door to new services that offer continuous system and ride improvements. The new connectivity platform is common to all MAHLE systems and is in continuous evolution.

Define the way you want to ride

Do you need more power? more acceleration? Less reactiveness? MAHLE´s system analyses the information your ride delivers, allowing you to define the perfect setup for your smartbike and yourself.

Don’t lose any detail

We process more than 100 different parameters which you can monitor at any time through our platforms

Rider & smartbike in perfect symbiosis

MAHLE´s connected ecosystem will not only help you adjusting the bike to your needs, but will also tell you how to use it in the best way to achieve your own goals and objectives

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X20 System

The lightest & smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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