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A malfunction shall be shown as an error or warning on the head unit. Please, connect the My Smartbike App from MAHLE to check the code number that identifies the malfunction and share with an authorized Dealer or Customer Service

The head unit LED bar will light up in the color of the engaged assist level and show the actual state of your battery charge. When battery charge goes below 10%, the Head Unit LED bar starts flashing to warn you about this status, when charge goes below 5%, flashing becomes faster to warn about an eventual ordered shutdown of the system at any time

A malfunction shall be shown as an error or warning on the head unit. Please connect the My-Smartbike App from MAHLE to check the code number that identifies the malfunction and share it with an authorized Dealer or Customer Service.

NO. The Range Extender is a device that establishes a digital communication with the batteries. If you do use NON-MAHLE original equipment, you run the risk of destroying components and voiding the warranty terms.

Tampering will cause a direct security and safety issue that will affect the normal operation mode designed, running a high risk of suffering personal injuries and losing the normal warranty terms. Only use MAHLE official components to avoid that.


The X20 systems supports ANT+ LEV profile; therefore using the PULSARONE as a Display grants full compatibility with your X20.

Commercial Answer. Technically it can be done; but wiring routing on some OEM integrations might become tricky from end user point of view.

Check with your dealer. Change batteries will change the specifications of your ebike. Anyway, iX250 and iX350 have different sizes but share same fitting points. Any battery replacing also requires the activation of the new battery by the dealer.

Range depends on your weight and cargo carried, elevation of terrain, wheel size, assist used, motor setup defined, speed and type of battery installed. As reference we can use this table:


1) Turn ON your Mahle Smartbike and keep it close to you.

2) Open the My Smartbike APP.

3) Ensure that all permissions are enabled, such as GPS/Location or  Bluetooth

4) In the Main Menu tap  on “Link my Smartbike”

If you are still facing problems, please check that your settings are working properly. You could  consider the following points:

  • Turn the phone off/on.
  • Make sure that you have all permissions enabled (GPS or Location, Bluetooth, MAHLE SmartBike APP)
  • Turn GPS off/on. Ensure that you allowed the APP to use your location. Settings > Apps >MAHLE SmartBike APP > Permissions > Toggle Location ON. 
  • Disable any battery saver settings including Power Saving Mode, Battery Management, Optimization or any third-party apps.


If you are still unable to connect the bike, please contact the MAHLE Service

In the following link you can  check  the compatible components:


Please check that your settings are working properly. Make sure that you have all permissions enabled (GPS or Location, Bluetooth,  MAHLE SmartBike APP) .We suggest checking  your internet connection.

I​f you want to connect the app to a compatible heart rate monito​r, you must bear in mind that the Sensor  must have a Bluetooth 4.0 protocol or higher or  dual BLE/ANT+. We are not compatible with ANT + bands.

If your Sensor is compatible, please turn it ON and you will see  “Link heart rate monitor”  on the main screen.

You have to complete your profile information regarding  the weight, the age and the  gender for the calculation of calories. If you didn’t complete it, the health rate cannot be connected.

It is important that you also accept the necessary permissions to share your health information with the APP.  You have to accept T&C so that the data can be processed and the calories can be seen.

No, the bike is an autonomous system and you can use the electric propulsion system without connecting to the app. Although it is true that when connecting we can provide certain extra functionalities from the app such as: Configure the engine maps, or increase the level of assistance when we connect to a Heart rate band

The APP can be used to save your routes


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