External Battery eX1

Sleek. Powerful. Lightweight.

Unleash all your power 

The MAHLE External Battery eX1 (e185) is designed for riders who want to go further or tackle the most demanding routes. The device increases the range up to 60 km. The External Battery eX1 is the only additional battery compatible with all eBikes equipped with the X20 system and the X30 System. The External Battery eX1 provides extra range for your battery with minimal additional weight. With the addition of this new external battery, you are going to be able to take your bike adventures to the next level.

Compact design

Its ultra-compact design makes the External Battery eX1 the size of a water bottle.

Intelligent integration

Intelligent integration allows the External Battery eX1 to integrate naturally with the entire X20 system, allowing the rider to be in full control.


At only 1,100 grams, carry only the weight you need to extend your adventure.


171 Wh capacity combined with efficient MAHLE systems will allow riders to travel up to 60 kms.

Adds up to

0 km

of extra range

Improves your battery life

Low weight, sleek design


Maximum assistance for longer

By extending your range up to 60 km, you can go further and explore new routes.


Battery to go

Its small size will allow you to take it everywhere, park your bike, remove your External Battery eX1 and take it comfortably with you.


Lower battery maintenance costs

By using the e185 external battery you will increase the life of the internal battery of your system, reducing its use and therefore its degradation, allowing you to reduce maintenance costs.


Charge Anywhere

Charge your bike fast, easily and hassle-free at home, at work, at a coffee shop… the options are unlimited with the External Battery eX1.

  Find out all about

the new External Battery eX1

Technical Specifications

Power Button
Rubber Strap
Bike Holder

Compatible with
Standard bike

Reversible Connector AD 90° *
Reversible Connector AD 30° *
* To be purchased separately
  • 195 mm
  • 75 mm
  • 1100 gr
  • 171 Wh
  • IP67

New External Battery eX1

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