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SmartBike up to date

X20 System updating process

At MAHLE SmartBike Systems we continually update all our products throughout their lifespan, optimising their performance with constant updates to their firmware. This is without a doubt the best way to fully enjoy your SmartBike, with new features in every update and solutions to any potential issues.

The firmware update of your eBike is now done in a breeze with MySmartBike App! No charger required.

Latest X20 System Firmware Improvements

The new firmware update for X20 Systems introduces several new features and enhancements, including:

  • SmartAssist Mode.
  • New firmware update process using MySmartBike.
  • Complete routing integration with Strava.
In order to complete the new update, it is necessary to have the bicycle upgraded to the previous version.
To access the previous version, you can consult this page

X35 System updating process​

MAHLE X35 Systems require a special device called MAHLE GCU to be updated correctly, so we recommend that you contact your authorised dealer to carry out this update process properly. Latest firmware version available: V Q1.2024 Released April 2024 which replace V Q4.2023 released October 2023 and all the previous versions.

X35 System

latest firmware
Version Q1.2024 (Released April 2024)

How to update your X35 bike

*In cases D and E, you will need to disconnect in order to repeat the process. Disconnect the GCU from the bike and the charger, turn off the bike and repeat steps 4-9. If the update process is still unsuccessful, send the GCU_log.txt file located on the USB memory stick by email to MAHLE Smartbike Systems to analyse the problem.