Rear Hubs and Mid Drives

What is a Rear Hub?

A rear hub, in the context of e-bikes, refers to a motor system installed directly on the hub of the rear wheel. This system delivers power directly to the wheel, making the motor assistance independent of the rider’s cadence.

The power delivery varies with the speed of the bike, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted assistance from start-up to maximum speed. This makes the hub drive system ideal for natural riding and better suited for higher speed uses associated with lower speed gradients, such as road or gravel biking.

What is a Mid Drive?

A mid drive refers to a motor system installed around the bottom bracket of the bike. Unlike the hub drive, the power delivery to the wheel is provided by the bike’s chain drivetrain and depends on the rider’s cadence and gear choice. 

This allows the rider to multiply or demultiply the torque delivered to the wheel, providing different assistance torque in each gear. 

Mid drives are better suited for lower speed uses associated with higher gradients, such as Downhill, Trail, Enduro, and even Cross country.

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Rear Hubs compared to Mid Drives

  X20 System

Why it is the best Rear Hub System

At MAHLE, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of e-bike technology to deliver exceptional performance and an unparalleled riding experience. The X20 System stands out as the ultimate rear hub system, combining innovative features, lightweight design, and superior performance. Let’s explore why the X20 System sets the standard for rear hub systems.


Experience the freedom of riding smoothly and effortlessly, without any drag holding you back. Uphill climbs are made easier with the motor assistance of your electric bicycle, but when it comes to going downhill or riding on flat terrain, avoiding drag is crucial. 

With the exclusive drag-free technology of the MAHLE X20 System, the rear hub motor decouples from the wheel, eliminating any possible drag. This means that when the motor is not providing assistance, you can enjoy a seamless and unencumbered ride, allowing you to focus on the journey ahead.

Power-to-Weight Ratio

Step into a new era of road cycling, where weightlessness becomes the standard. Every gram counts on the road, and the X20 System excels with the best power-to-weight ratio in the market. Weighing just 3.2 kg, this optimized design ensures exceptional performance while being the lightest e-bike system available. Experience the thrill of effortless acceleration and nimble handling, all thanks to the remarkable power-to-weight ratio of the X20 System.

Noiseless Operation

Indulge in the tranquility of the ride with the X20 System’s whisper-quiet drive unit. With a noise level of only 35 dB, this rear hub system provides a serene and peaceful riding experience. Say goodbye to distracting motor noise and immerse yourself in the sounds of nature as you glide through your journey.

Gear Ratio

The gear ratio plays a crucial role in optimizing your riding experience. With the X20 System, we have meticulously engineered the gear ratio to ensure seamless power delivery and efficient performance. Whether you’re conquering steep climbs or cruising on flat terrain, the X20 System’s gear ratio provides the ideal balance between torque and speed, allowing you to conquer any road with ease.

Experience the pinnacle of rear hub system technology with the X20 System. Its drag-free operation, exceptional power-to-weight ratio, noiseless drive, and optimized gear ratio make it the ultimate choice for riders seeking unparalleled performance and a truly remarkable e-bike experience.

  X30 System

Why it is the most versatile Rear Hub System

At the heart of the X30 is its sporty style, seamlessly integrated with the hallmark MAHLE DNA. This new hub drive system is not only high-tech and efficient but also intuitive, ensuring you can push past any terrain without complications. The X30 is built for riders who crave freedom and flexibility, offering a wide range and advanced technology that takes your eBike experience to unprecedented heights

Increased power, reduced weight

When it comes to power, the X30 delivers an impressive 45 Newton meters (Nm) of torque, compared to a mid drive. Despite its powerful performance, the X30 remains incredibly lightweight, with a motor weighing just 1.9 kg, providing a robust boost to tackle any terrain with confidence.  

Robust and Versatile

Experience the versatility with our eBikes, designed to conquer any terrain you dare to explore. Glide through bustling city streets, tackle rugged mountain paths, cruise along serene country roads, and blaze your own trail through the great outdoors. Whether you’re commuting to work, embarking on a weekend adventure, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride with family, the X30 System empower you to ride with confidence, power, and style on any surface.

Seamless Compatibility

The X30 is designed to work harmoniously with all MAHLE accessories, creating a comprehensive ecosystem that enhances your eBike experience. Whether you are adding a new accessory or integrating existing ones, the X30 ensures compatibility and seamless functionality. This adaptability means you can personalize your ride to suit your specific needs, maximizing the potential of your eBike.

The X30 MAHLE System it is a revolution in eBike technology. With its blend of lifestyle, efficiency, and power, it promises to redefine your riding experience. Embrace the journey and discover a world without limits with the new X30.

  X35 System

The system that started it all

Discover the perfect harmony of power, efficiency, and integration with the X35 System. Designed to provide a seamless riding experience, the X35 System sets a new paradigm for electric cycling. Let’s explore why the X35 System is the most balanced solution for your e-bike needs.

New Paradigm for Electric Cycling

This minimalist system has redefined electric cycling, offering a maximum torque of 40 Nm and quick acceleration to your desired speed of up to 25 km/h. With its fully integrated 250 Wh battery seamlessly blending into the frame, the X35 System provides a sleek and streamlined look while delivering powerful and efficient performance.

Just the Power You Need

Experience the perfect balance of power and efficiency with the X35 System. Its intelligent software ensures optimal power delivery, allowing you to effortlessly navigate through road, urban and gravel environments. Whether you’re conquering steep hills or cruising along city streets, the X35 System provides the right amount of support with a natural and sporty look and feel.

A Trusted Choice for
E-Bike Brands

The X35 System has been a long-standing player in the market, earning the trust of renowned brands like Orbea, Cannondale, Willier Triestina, ROSE and many more. With its seamless integration and lightweight design, it offers a reliable and efficient solution for e-bikes. By replacing one of the traditional components of the bike with the X35 System, riders can unlock a whole new level of performance and enjoyment.

Experience the most balanced solution with the X35 System. Its powerful performance, seamless integration, and lightweight design create the perfect harmony for your e-bike journey.