Customize your smartBike, define your own journey

Customize your SmartBike, define your own journey
New Active Charger
Focus on the ride without missing any detail
You set the limits
Focus on the ride without missing any detail
Customize your SmartBike, define your own journey
Find the perfect balance
The lightweight and compact design of X35
makes it the ideal system for urban solutions.
You set the limits
Focus on the ride without missing any detail

Create your own experience

Our cutting edge accessories are the best solutions to enhance your smartbike, increasing its performance and making it even smarter. The options to customize your bike are almost limitless.

Batteries & Charges


Range Extender e185

The new Range Extender e185 is the best in class in terms of size, weight and capacity, adding 177Wh to extend your ride 50km to 70 km of with smart range optimization.

Active Charger

The new Active Charger includes CAN BUS for real time communication with the battery. This direct communication combined with a more powerful converter allows the battery to be charged at different intensities from 0 to 4.5A making the charging process faster and better. The micro-USB port on the charger provides an additional connecting point option to make updates to the full eBike system directly.

Wall Mount

The Wall Mount is an special accesory that MAHLE includes with the charger in order to place the Active Charger in the wall of your garage keeping the wires shorted at any time.


Range Extender

This optional battery for X35 Systems is one of the most interesting accessories of X35 propulsion. Its 208w complement the 252w of the main inner battery reaching 450w as total capacity. This numbers can move the system during 4.5 hours with a medium consumption of 100wh that is currently the media consumption of the system.

X35 Charger

This charger must only be used with X35 Systems for inner batteries and Range Extenders. Automatic reverse polarity protection.

System Controller & Display

X20 e-Shifters

e-Shifter is the perfect solution for curved handlebars. The eShifter allows riders to better seamlessly control their bike including two small control buttons, vibration technology, and flexible placement of the included silicon bands. Also suitable for straight handlebars.

PulsarONE Display for X20 & X35

For the lovers of details, the wireless PulsarONE display provides detailed information about your ride from battery status, to available range and your custom level of assist.

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X20 System

The lightest and smartest eBike rear
hub system on the market

X35 System

MAHLE X35 is the system that started it all. Invisible integration into the frame and ideal prower performance, creates the most natural ebike riding experience in the world.

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Smart connectivity

All  MAHLE SmartBike components are designed to seamlessly integrate into our ecosystem. The components work flawlessly together, creating a fully interconnected experience.

Enhance your ride

Ready to connect? Our tailor-made apps for riders, dealers and manufacturers are among the most advanced in the market today.