A Legacy in Motion: Our Collaboration with Çois Cycling

It´s time for a fashion revolution. We announce a collaboration that celebrates our shared heritage: Introducing two exclusive pieces that merge MAHLE’s eBike technology with Çois’s timeless style.

Not Just Cycling

At MAHLE SmartBike Systems, we believe cycling is more than just lifestyle; it’s a passion that transcends generations.

This belief is shared by Çois Cycling, a brand inspired by the founder Tom’s grandfather, who had an unwavering love for cycling, style, and good music.

These elements have been passed down through three generations, forming the heart and soul of Çois.

Not Just Clothing

Our partnership with Çois Cycling is a natural fit. Both of our brands are dedicated to innovation and quality, aiming to enhance the cycling experience while honoring the rich heritage of the sport.

These two new unique clothes, are not just garments; they are a testament to the passion and dedication that both MAHLE SmartBike Systems and Çois Cycling pour into their craft.

Style Your Passion

Whether you are a seasoned cyclist or a newcomer to the sport, these garments offer something unique: a connection to a rich history and a nod to the innovations that are driving the cycling world forward. Join us in celebrating this legacy, and wear your passion with pride.

This is Çois legacy. And now, with MAHLE SmartBike Systems, it’s yours to share.