Discover the New X30 System: Embrace the Journey!

The new X30 System is set to become the standard in the eBike industry. Designed for all riders seeking enjoyment and functionality, its unmatched versatility lets you experience the best of eBikes in every situation. 

Break Through Every Limit

At the heart of the X30 is its sporty style, seamlessly integrated with the hallmark MAHLE DNA. This new hub drive system is not only high-tech and efficient but also intuitive, allowing you to push past any terrain without complications.

The X30 is built for riders who crave freedom and flexibility, offering a wide range and advanced technology that elevates your eBike experience to unprecedented heights. 

Unmatched Efficiency and Power

The X30 delivers an impressive 45 Newton meters (Nm) of torque, compared to a mid-drive. Despite its powerful output, the X30 remains incredibly lightweight, with a motor weighing just 1.9 kg, providing a robust boost to confidently tackle any terrain. 

Featuring a robust motor that’s both easy to use and maintain, the X30 System has been developed from nine years of leadership in lightweight eBike solutions. 

Unparalleled Versatility

The X30 System sets a new standard in lightweight eBike systems, designed to deliver enjoyment and functionality for all riders. Its unmatched versatility ensures that riders of all ages can experience the best of eBikes across all terrains.

Embrace the future of eBikes with our comprehensive range of eBikes, each crafted to provide exceptional performance, versatility, and enjoyment in every situation. 

Enjoy the X30 System in Every Situation:

eRoad: Experience speed and precision like never before with our eRoad bikes. Perfect for those seeking exceptional quality, our eRoad bikes deliver top performance and unmatched value, making them an ideal choice for discerning cyclists. 

eGravel: For adventurers and experience collectors, the eGravel series offers unlimited fun for both commuting and leisure. These bikes are designed to provide extra power and versatility, allowing you to conquer any terrain and enjoy the freedom of the open world. 

Enjoy the X30 System in Every Situation:

eUrban: Navigate city streets with ease and style on our eUrban bikes. Lightweight and efficient, they are perfect for city streets, offering smooth mobility designed for modern urban life. Enjoy swift commutes as you breeze through traffic. 

eKids: Adventure starts young with our eKids bikes. Engineered for family fun and safety, these bikes ensure your children can enjoy nature while you have peace of mind. It is the perfect way to foster a love of cycling and the great outdoors from an early age. 

Seamless Ecosystem Integration

The X30 is designed to work harmoniously with all MAHLE accessories, creating a comprehensive ecosystem that enhances your eBike experience. Whether you’re adding a new accessory or integrating existing ones, the X30 ensures compatibility and seamless functionality.

This adaptability means you can personalize your ride to suit your specific needs, maximizing the potential of your eBike. The X family keeps growing!