Experience Next-Level Cycling with the Orbea Gain eBike and MAHLE X20 System

Orbea Gain with MAHLE X20 System

Introducing the all-new Orbea Gain eBike with MAHLE X20 System. Are you ready to experience cycling like never before? The new Orbea Gain electric bike is here and it’s ready to give you the ride of your life.


One of the lightest & most compact

Featuring MAHLE’s X20 System, the Orbea Gain is one of the lightest and most compact e-bike drive system on the market. With its natural pedalling, superior range, and impressive power, it’s the perfect eBike for anyone who wants to enjoy cycling as never before, whether on the road or on gravel terrain.


Natural pedalling & long range

The X20 System provides a peak torque that is applied smoothly, mirroring your input and making the ride feel natural and unobtrusive. The secure battery system offers a choice of two options, the iX250 and the iX350. The iX350 offers a range of 4000m of climbing, while the iX250 offers 2800m of climbing, giving you the freedom to choose the right range for your needs.


Road & Offroad

Designed specifically for pure road and capable on gravel,
the Orbea Gain offers natural pedalling and intuitive geometry to tackle any terrain. And, with its integrated lighting and hidden clamp, you’ll be safer and more functional when riding at night.

Ultimate e-Road Bike

The Orbea Gain is the ultimate e-road bike, with its low power consumption and lightweight design. This bike is pure fun and excitement that you won’t want to stop riding. Experience the Orbea Gain with X20 System for yourself and find out why it’s the perfect bike for anyone who wants to enjoy cycling on any terrain.