Filante Hybrid by Wilier Triestina

Filante Hybrid. Now, even faster.

It´s hard to believe that this bike hides a system providing electric pedal assist. Yet, it does. Filante Hybrid is an electric racing bike that integrates the lightest pedal assist system in the world: the X20 System. Filante Hybrid was designed with a very specific objective: to help you go faster while minimizing strain.

X20 System

The X20 Rear Hub motor has been miniaturized to the max. It is extremely lightweight (the complete system weighs just 3.3kg), with a modern straight pull spoke pattern and 24 spokes, a perfect match for Wilier Triestina’s carbon rims.

Integrated Pulsar One

Filante Hybrid comes standard with Pulsar One, a compact and easy-to-use on-board computer with a 2.1” display that updates electrical system data and trip statistics in real time and lets the rider modify the level of pedal assistance if necessary. Pulsar One connects via the ANT+ protocol to the X20 System and to other sensors (cadence sensor, external power sensor and heart rate monitor) and the data can be displayed directly on the screen for a more complete experience.

Easy to disassemble

There’s one very important detail that makes Filante Hybrid totally novel for the category: the wheel that houses the new MAHLE X20 motor can be assembled and disassembled quickly, just like on a traditional thru-axle racing bike. 

In addition to the ease and speed of wheel assembly and disassembly, the system automatically connects to the battery, so there are no more cables to be connected or disconnected by hand. It’s all done when you insert the wheel.

X20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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