How to Take Care of Your Battery 

MAHLE SmartBike Systems uses high-quality cells in both X20 and X35 batteries, designed to maintain discharge capacity over time. To maximize their lifespan and performance, follow these essential care tips.

Stay Up-to-Date with Firmware Updates

Regularly update your system Firmware for optimal performance and check for updates on our website or via email notifications. 

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Proper Storage Practices​

  • Store the battery, eBike, and charger in a cool, dry place away from heat and flammable materials.
  • Avoid exposing the battery to prolonged cold temperatures. 
    Maintain SOC between 30% and 60% during long-term storage. 
  • Check SOC every six months during storage and perform supplementary charges as needed.
battery proper storage

Recommendations for Optimal eBike Use

  • Maintain battery charge between 20% and 80%.
  • Recharge promptly after reaching 0% charge. 
  • Gradually increase assistance levels instead of starting at maximum. 
  • Clean your eBike with a damp cloth, avoiding pressure water and sensitive areas. 
charging point

Charging Best Practices ​

  • Use original MAHLE SmartBike Systems chargers only. 
  • Connect the charger directly to a power source, avoiding extension cords. 
  • Avoid reverse charging or using the charger for non-rechargeable batteries. 
  • Inspect the charger for damage before each use. 
  • Allow the eBike and battery to warm up before charging if excessively cold. Avoid charging near heat sources, flammable materials, or in wet conditions. 
  • Do not incinerate, disassemble, or short circuit batteries. 
ebike charging

Enjoy the ride

By following these guidelines, you can extend the lifespan of your MAHLE SmartBike Systems battery and enjoy reliable performance on your eBike adventures. 

Take care of your battery, and it will take care of your rides! 

If you want to discover more information to maximize the life and performance of your MAHLE SmartBike Systems battery, click below to download our complete battery guide for the X20 and X35 Systems.
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