MAHLE SmartBike Lab

The support you needed is here!

We have introduced a new section to our YouTube channel: MAHLE SmartBike Lab. In here, we will be uploading technical videos about our systems.

How to install displays, software updates, directions for use, first steps with our systems and other advice about maintenance and repairing your eBike are just some of the contents that will be available on this news section. These contents will be focused in providing support to the riders, dealers and OEMS with technical solutions related with our X35+ and X20 Systems.

At the moment, we have available the following videos in our YouTube channel: “X20 System Upgrading”, “X20 System first steps”, “HMI First steps”, “How to pair PULSAR ONE” and “How to change the rear wheel” but much more content is on the way.

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X20 System

The lightest and smartest eBike rear
hub system on the market

X35 System

MAHLE X35 is the system that started it all. Invisible integration into the frame and ideal prower performance, creates the most natural ebike riding experience in the world.