MAHLE SmartBike Systems Partnership with Bike Difusion

We are excited to announce MAHLE SmartBike Systems strategic partnership with Bike Difusion as our distribution partner in Iberia.

Leading distributor of electric bicycles.

Bike Difusion, based in Victoria, is poised to significantly enhance our spare parts offering in Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

Starting April 15th, we will embark on an exclusive partnership with Bike Difusion for the distribution of our accessories and spare parts.

Reliable Distributor in the Sector.

Bike Difusion will distribute MAHLE SmartBike Systems accessories and spare parts in Iberia.

This partnership will ensure greater availability of our innovative X20 and X35 systems, Range Extender, eShifters and other parts.

Through Bike Difusion’s expertise, MAHLE SmartBike Systems aims to offer exceptional distribution in the aftermarket.