MAHLE SmartBike Systems Partnership with Sport Import

We are excited to announce MAHLE SmartBike Systems strategic partnership with Sport Import, a renowned distributor of bicycle accessories and parts expanding our distribution network for MAHLE’s eBike components.

Exclusive Aftermarket Distribution in Germany and Poland

Sport Import will exclusively distribute MAHLE SmartBike Systems’ accessories and spare parts in Germany and Poland.

This partnership will ensure wider availability of innovative systems such as the X20 and X35 Systems, range extenders, eShifters, and computer units.

By leveraging Sport Import’s expertise and retail structure, MAHLE SmartBike Systems aims to provide exceptional aftermarket distribution support.

A Trusted Distributor in the Cycling Market

Sport Import, based in Edewecht, Germany, is a leading distributor of bicycle accessories and parts. With their comprehensive end-to-end service, they enable brands to reach their full potential and connect with end consumers effectively. 

Sport Import’s state-of-the-art warehouse in the Northeast of England houses renowned brands in the cycling industry, making them an ideal partner for MAHLE SmartBike Systems.