MAHLE X20 System Wins Prestigious Design & Innovation Award

Design & Innovation Award: MAHLE X20 System

We are thrilled to announce that our MAHLE X20 System has been awarded the prestigious Design & Innovation Award for 2023. This coveted award recognizes the most outstanding and innovative products in the bicycle industry, and we are honored to have been chosen as a recipient.

Clever Solutions, Flexibility, and Top-Quality Craftsmanship

The MAHLE X20 System offers a variety of clever solutions, flexibility, and top-quality craftsmanship. Its combination of powerful assistance and lightweight design makes it a standout product in the industry.


Powerful Assistance and Lightweight Design

Weighing in at just 3.2 kg, including the drive unit, inner battery, and head unit, the X20 System keeps handling agile and lively. Its compact dimensions also give manufacturers more freedom in designing the frame, making it sleek and versatile.


Compact Dimensions and Intuitive Thru-Axle Connection

The intuitive thru-axle connection makes it easy to fix a puncture, and the My SmartBike App allows users to select different motor settings and view remaining battery capacity. The X20 System is available with either a 236 Wh or 350 Wh integrated battery, which can also be supplemented with an external 171 Wh range extender.


Thoroughly Evaluating and Assessing Products in the Real World

The Design & Innovation Award is the only award that thoroughly evaluates and assesses products in the real world. A team of international journalists, professional test riders, and industry experts spend over 6,000 hours to participate in the DI.A process. This year, the award team has once again invested countless hours to analyze the most exciting products of 2023, and we are thrilled that our MAHLE X20 system has been selected as one of the top products in the industry.


Extremely Proud to Receive the Design & Innovation Award for the MAHLE X20 System

In conclusion, we are extremely proud to have received the Design & Innovation Award for our MAHLE X20 System. It is a testament to our commitment to developing innovative and high-quality products for the cycling industry. Thank you to the award team and everyone who has supported us throughout this journey.

X20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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