MAHLE's eBikes: more accessible than ever!

Presenting the brand new list of eBikes with MAHLE’s Systems.With its user-friendly interface, finding the perfect eBike for you has never been easier.

Filter by Brand

Whether you have a favorite brand in mind or are open to exploring new options, our filter by brand feature allows you to quickly narrow down your search. Very intuitive interface just to make your find pleasant, you search the bike, we make it easy.

Filter by eBike System

With the MAHLE’s System, you can enjoy a smooth and efficient ride every time. Filter our eBike list by system to discover electric bikes that are equipped with our innovative technology.

Choose between eBikes with X35 MAHLE System and eBikes with X20 MAHLE System, and never stop riding the world.

Filter by Segment

From city streets to rugged mountain trails, our eBike list includes options for every segment. Simply select your preferred segment, and we’ll show you the eBikes that are perfect for your next adventure. 

Don´t let any terrain stop you.