MAHLE´s Systems Win the Giro-E!

Bringing the best systems to the best competition, MAHLE Smartbike Systems takes to Italy the energy the profesionals needed.

Orbea Gain - Winner of the Giro-E

The Orbea Gain with X20 System has proven itself as the eBike of champions, clinching victory at the Giro-E in Italy with Team Sara Assicurazioni. Its aerodinamic design and performance helped secure the win, showcasing its potential to excel in competitive eCycling. Believe in the Orbea Gain, the eBike that leads the pack.

Merida eSilex 400

The Merida eSilex 400 with X35 System, known for its impressive performance, is competing in the Giro-E with Team Wonders di Autostrade. This eBike, featuring MAHLE’s innovative systems, stands out in the most prestigious eBike competition. Discover another top-tier model in the Giro-E, showcasing the latest technology and exceptional design.

3T Racemax Boost

The 3T RaceMax Boost, equipped with MAHLE´s advanced X20 System, has made a significant impact in the Giro-E, the premier eBike competition. This high-performance eBike, featuring MAHLE’s cutting-edge technology, showcases the innovation and competitive spirit driving the future of eCycling. Experience the pinnacle of eBike racing at the Giro-E with our exceptional models.