Mondraker Dusty: The Revolutionary e-Gravel Bike with Mondraker Genes

Mondraker Dusty

Introducing the all-new Mondraker Dusty, the e-Gravel bike that has inherited all the identity that Mondraker imparts on their mountain bikes. 

With the rapid evolution of gravel bikes in recent years, Mondraker decided to contribute their own vision, design, and technology to manufacture an e-Gravel bike that meets the requirements and needs of everyone involved in this discipline. 

The Dusty is the perfect concept of an e-Gravel bike designed to encompass the three most in-demand disciplines of gravel bikes: adventure, long distance, and technical terrain riding.


MAHLE X20 System: Pushing the Limits of the Dusty's Performance

The Dusty is the perfect e-Gravel bike that offers the greatest versatility of use for the broadest variety of users. The contribution of the MAHLE X20 System motor and its ability to assist the rider allowed Mondraker to get the most out of their bike, pushing the limits further than ever. The Dusty is the answer for everyone who wants to pedal further and faster, with that extra bit of ‘fun’ that a motor brings to the equation.


Perfect Balance for Adventure, Long Distance, and Technical Terrain

The Dusty has a 350Wh internal battery that allows you to travel up to 180km depending on the level of assistance you dial in and the altitude gain you rack up. With the optional 171Wh range extender and the extra power of your legs, you can go even further. The Dusty is designed to be the perfect adventure gravel bike. It is suitable for short and explosive rides when you only have an hour to do your day’s training ride, flat-out. For those 1-or-2-day long events, the Dusty is the ideal bike when you load-up the basics on your Dusty and set out looking for the best place to sleep or the most scenic route in your area. It not only has all the range you could ever want, but it also has more than enough load capacity and a plus of comfort. You get to choose the length and intensity of your rides.


Range and Comfort: The Ideal Choice for Long-Distance Gravel Rides

For long-distance gravel bike rides, the Dusty is the ideal choice. You know when you’re going to start pedaling, but you don’t know when you’re going to stop. The Dusty can take you there. Gravel riding on more technical terrain is no problem with the Dusty. The seat stays are designed to offer unparalleled damping, providing significant comfort and control over technical terrain. And if that isn’t enough, the top-of-the-line Dusty XR comes fitted with a 40mm RockShox Rudy fork and a 75mm Reverb XPLR AXS dropper post so you can take your Dusty where logic tells you that you really shouldn’t.


The Ultimate Gravel Adventure

Experience the ultimate gravel adventure with the Mondraker Dusty. With its impressive power, superior range, and natural pedaling, the Dusty is the perfect e-bike for anyone who wants to enjoy cycling like never before. Don’t miss out on this revolutionary e-bike and take your cycling experience to the next level with the Mondraker Dusty and the MAHLE X20 System.


X20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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