New Husqvarna Young Cross eBike. The Ultimate Ride for Kids!

Husqvarna has just unveiled its latest innovation in the world of eBikes—the Young Cross eBike, designed specifically for young riders. This marks a significant milestone as it is the first eBike from Husqvarna tailored for kids, blending safety, style, and performance in one sleek package.

Ergonomic Design,
Powerful Performance

The Young Cross eBike stands out with its lightweight and ergonomic design, making it an ideal choice for young adventurers. Equipped with a smooth RST air fork, it ensures a comfortable ride on various terrains, from commutes to weekend trail rides.

The eBike’s powerful X30 System provides the necessary boost, powered by the MAHLE iX2 Battery Pack and X30 Drive unit, delivering an impressive 45 Nm torque compared to a mid drive, offering young riders an exhilarating yet controlled experience.

Fun for the Whole Family

Husqvarna’s new eBike is more than just a mode of transportation; it’s a gateway to fun and adventure for the entire family. Designed to bring smiles and excitement, the Young Cross eBike is the perfect companion for family outings and explorations in the great outdoors.

With its robust build and exciting features, it encourages young ones to embrace the journey, making every ride an adventure.

Safety and Design Excellence

Safety and intuitive riding are at the heart of Husqvarna’s Young Cross eBike. It boasts a fresh, eye-catching design that kids love, coupled with tailor-made features ensuring both safety and comfort. The bike’s standout design and robust motor make it a reliable choice for any terrain, while the weight limit of 100 kg ensures durability and longevity. 

With the powerful X30 System, young riders can feel confident and empowered as they explore their world.

The Husqvarna Young Cross eBike sets a new standard for youth eBikes, combining aesthetics, performance, and safety. Gear up and let the fun begin with Husqvarna’s latest innovation.

Embrace the Journey!