New DRAG Celerra MHO with X20 System

Introducing the DRAG Bicycles Celerra MHO, powered by the MAHLE X20. Experience a revolution in cycling with unseen power and a smooth ride. 

The Unseen Powerhouse

You won’t see it. You won’t hear it. But once you mount this bike, you’ll feel an unprecedented surge of power that will redefine your cycling experience. 

The MAHLE X20 motor wheel integration, completed by COX Wheels, DRAG’s own wheel brand, is the heart of this innovation. The Celerra MHO is designed for the performance road rider who craves the support of a drive unit but doesn’t want to compromise on the aesthetics and aerodynamics of a cutting-edge road bike. The MAHLE X20 System, with its minimalistic design, is the perfect solution to this objective.

Celerra Mho ride

The Magic of the Smart Bike

So, what exactly makes this bike ‘smart’? The answer lies in the Rear Hub Motor. Barely visible yet incredibly powerful, this motor is the secret behind the Celerra Mho’s extraordinary performance.

With its 55 Nm of torque, the X20 drive unit complies with the EU (25 Km/h) regulation and provides the right amount of support at the exact moment it’s needed. The best part? When the maximum assisted speed is reached, the rider experiences absolutely no drag, ensuring a smooth and effortless ride.

Celerra Mho motor

Unmatched Endurance and Quick Charging

The intelligence of the Celerra MHO x X20 System extends to endurance and charging. With its 350 Wh internal batteries and an optional 171 Wh Range Extender, this bike offers up to 200km of range. Additionally, the intelligent fast charging system can charge the battery up to 80% in less than 2 hours, minimizing your waiting time and maximizing your riding time.
At MAHLE SmartBike Systems, we’re proud to showcase the lightness and power of the X20 System. With the Celerra MHO x MAHLE X20, your bike just got smarter. Welcome to the future of cycling.
Celerra Mho HMI