Introducing the Stevens E-Strada Series with MAHLE X30 System

Discover the future of urban cycling with the Stevens E-Strada series, featuring the innovative MAHLE X30 System. These eBikes combine sporty design and advanced technology for a dynamic and natural riding experience. Explore how these bikes are redefining city travel with their lightweight construction, powerful assistance, and practical features. 

Stevens E-Strada & MAHLE!
A Sporty and Agile Combination

The Stevens E-Strada series, known for its agile frame geometry and fast wheels, now integrates the practically invisible MAHLE X30 electric rear motor.

This seamless motor and battery integration ensures optimal weight distribution and handling, providing dynamic and natural support. The powerful assistance allows riders to reach distant destinations effortlessly.

Hydraulic disc brakes ensure fast and efficient deceleration, while comprehensive touring kits, including lighting, mudguards, and pannier racks, make these bikes perfect for urban commuting. 

Stevens E-Strada 7.3.4 FEQ

Steven’s E-Strada 7.3.4, part of the sporty and agile E-Strada series, features the innovative X30 system. This compact drive unit offers natural support and integrates seamlessly, maintaining the bike’s agile frame and handling.

The Mahle X30 electric rear motor ensures effortless urban commuting, complemented by hydraulic disc brakes for efficient stopping and comprehensive touring kits for practicality.

Stevens E-Strada 6.3.4 FEQ

The Stevens E-Strada 6.3.4 FEQ is a standout in the light-assist eBike category, designed for urban use with its low weight and advanced features. It boasts the new MAHLE X30 rear motor with a torque sensor in the bottom bracket for enhanced sensitivity and responsiveness.

The fully integrated 236 Wh battery can be extended with an optional external battery eX1 for longer rides. Equipped with a Shimano 105-based drivetrain and a comprehensive touring kit, including fenders, high-performance lighting, and a QL3.1-compatible rear carrier, this model is perfect for both daily commutes and extended journeys.