Our Collaboration with Cyclik to Promote Sustainable Mobility

Promoting sustainable mobility with a strengthened collaboration with Cyclik to make the RELIEF, the first eBike with a frame entirely made of vegetable material.

A Partnership for Sustainable Innovation

Our partnership with Cyclik represents a continued effort to promote sustainable mobility solutions and build upon the success of their existing collaboration. By combining MAHLE SmartBike Systems advanced technology with Cyclik’s expertise in creating bicycles made from plant-based materials, the collaboration aims to further advance the development of sustainable transportation options


e-RELIEF: The Revolutionary All-Vegetable Electric Bike

As part of this strengthened collaboration, MAHLE SmartBike Systems and Cyclik proudly created the e-RELIEF powered by our X35 System, the world’s first electric bike with a frame entirely made of vegetable material. By utilizing innovative bio-sourced materials like bamboo and flax fiber, the e-RELIEF offers a lightweight, durable, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional bike frames. With its exceptional performance, the e-RELIEF empowers riders to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on quality or style.


Empowering Sustainable Choices

This collaboration aims to highlight our shared commitment to sustainable mobility. By showcasing the e-RELIEF and its groundbreaking vegetable frame, the collaboration seeks to inspire individuals to make conscious choices in their transportation options. Together, MAHLE SmartBike Systems and Cyclik are driving the adoption of greener and more sustainable solutions, encouraging individuals to contribute to a healthier planet through their daily commute.
We will remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sustainable innovation and redefining the future of mobility.