Ampifying the Roadmachine series!

Make your ride go further and faster!

Roadmachine AMP, ePowered by MAHLE, features the same AMP series’ legendary speed and ability to go all-day in an electrified package. Equipped with our X20 System and iX350 battery, this e-Road bike is the perfect balance between comfort and performance, to ride further and go faster.

Ampifying the Roadmachine series!

With the launch of the Roadmachine AMP, BMC is introducing its e-road bike that can fit the more discerning cyclists’ needs.  BMC underscores its performance-first approach, not simply including all the attributes that make the iconic Roadmachine series a success, but also adding the MAHLE X20 System to the new Roamachine AMP, the world’s most advanced drive system on the market. It’s an eBike that combines performance road riding and pedal-assistance without having to compromise to expand the rider’s ambition and reach.

Maintaining the iconic Roadmachine silhouette, the unique level of design integration permitted by the ultra-compact X20 System has allowed to the team at BMC to replicate the established Roadmachine series’ best in-class approach and add all-day comfort.

The integrated battery can be found in the downtube, and the motor is located in the rear wheel hub. Additionally, an almost invisible HMI will provide everything for your eBike without interfering with the design and the riding experience. With this striking design, this new e-road bike is barely distinguishable from its successful predecessor.

Amplifying your progress!

To achieve all these performance challenges, the new Roadmachine AMP is equipped with the lightest system on the market, the X20, its full system weight at only 3,2 Kg. Seamlessly integrated into the rear wheel hub, the motor leads the outstanding weight to power ratio, delivering 55 Nm of torque. 

Other functional and innovative features include its range-optimizing iX350 Wh Smart battery, which optimizes power delivery, giving the rider a range of up to 140 Km. Furthermore, this battery can be charged up to 80% of its full capacity in less than 2 hours with the fast and intelligent SmartBike Active Charger. For those who want to further extend their ride, the external Range Extender battery provides 173 Wh of extra capacity and fits perfectly into the bottle cage so you never run out of power.

On the top tube, the minimalistic and intuitive interface drive system is fully integrated with the design of the Roadmachine AMP eBike. This HMI with an on/off switch indicates the mode assistance and enables an unobtrusive communication between the SmartBike and the ride. It processes incoming information through sensors to offer a tailored ride experience, which allows the rider to maintain the feeling of sport at the same time.

X20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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