My SmartBike App: Smarter Than Ever

The Smart Experience

With this new My SmartBike update, you will enjoy a more integrated and fully immersive riding experience. You and your eBike will be more connected than ever.

Performance Data

After a ride, you can analyze your performance with the help of the key data collected by the app. Benefit from more data to increase your performance, monitor your heart rate, track your calories burned, check your training zone and much more… If your eBike has a power meter, you can track the power generated by you and your eBike.

Navigation System

Do you want to expand your adventures? When it comes to riding longer distances, a navigation app is a must. The good news is that we are now integrated with Mapbox. Plan your routes to your favorite destination and follow the guide on the map or activate voice instructions in case that you want to keep your eyes on the road.

Smart Energy

Do you want to estimate how far you can get?  Monitor the battery level of your internal battery and Range Extender in order to manage the energy of your eBike. 

New Interface

The new My SmartBike App update will feature a redesigned interface that will provide an easy navigation for the riders. Additionally, it will support a new dark mode theme option for those who wish to change it. 

X20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


From PulsarONE, our smart display, to the Range Extender or e-Shifters: Discover our complete range of smart accessories.