The Orbea Gain: A Collaboration Success Story

This eBike is the culmination of extensive innovation, development, and dedicated effort that resulted in a remarkable achievement that offers riders an unparalleled riding experience.

The Success of the Orbea Gain

The Orbea Gain has quickly gained recognition and popularity among cycling enthusiasts worldwide. Its success can be attributed to its exceptional features and performance. With the Orbea Gain, riders can experience the perfect blend of power assistance and natural pedaling, making it an ideal choice for both casual riders and seasoned cyclists.

X20 System: The Heart of the Orbea Gain

The X20 System is designed to be lightweight, ensuring that the Orbea Gain retains the agility and portability of a traditional bike.

Whether it’s conquering steep hills or accelerating on flat terrain, this powerful and smart system provides the necessary boost without compromising the natural feel of pedaling. In other words, an assistance that matches the cyclist’s demands

Despite its advanced technology, the Orbea Gain maintains a sleek and stylish appearance. Orbea and MAHLE SmartBike Systems have prioritized the design of the bike, ensuring that it looks and feels like a traditional bicycle.

Why Orbea Chose the X20 System

The X20 System is designed to provide riders with precise assistance they need at any given moment, neither more nor less. The system seamlessly integrates with the rider’s input, amplifying their efforts and providing a smooth and efficient ride.

Additionally, it automatically stops when power assistance is not required, conserving energy and enabling riders to enjoy longer rides without concerns about battery peaks or running out of power.

With the Orbea Gain, riders can enjoy a natural pedaling sensation without abrupt changes in any of the assistance levels. This feature ensures that the Orbea Gain feels like a traditional bike, even with the added electric assistance.