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URWAHN X ALBERTO is the result of a creative collaboration to create a beautifuly designed gravel eBike, ePowered by MAHLE with its innovative X35+ drive system. The passion of these brands for mobility, sustainability and a minimalistic design, provide excellent functionality and performance to this eBike.

Sustainable by Design​

URWAHN is recognized as a disruptive manufacturer in the bike industry for being one of the pioneers in 3D printed production for urban mobility. At the heart of each URWAHN eBike, is the special shape of the frame made of steel, called “Softrife”,  that elastically suspends the rear triangle to find the perfect balance between design and comfort.

The steel frame not only follows its characteristic purist bicycle design but also a much better CO2 balance than carbon and aluminium. In addition, steel is easier to repair and can be 100% recyclable. This matches perfectly with the URWAHN team motivation to contribute with a growth environmentally compatible.  This URWAHN green mobility awareness has been awarded with the prestigious “Green Product Award” and the “German Sustainability Award 2022”. 

The latest launch of the company is an eBike ePowerd by MAHLE and in collaboration with ALBERTO, to mark the 100th anniversary of the pants brand. This gravel eBike combines the minimalist design language of both brands to which it contributes the extraordinary level of integration of our X35+ System.

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High quality drive sytem for maximum quality demands

URWAHN X ALBERTO ePowered by MAHLE is the world’s first 3D printed gravel eBike featuring a special soft ride structure weighing in at just 14.8 kilograms.

This lightweight has been designed with the most innovative components for the equipment, as the groundbreaking X35+ drive system by MAHLE, with 3,5 Kg total full system weight. Its  powerful hub motor offers up the whopping 40Nm of torque and is powered by a 250 Wh battery, to give the rider enough support. Both components are hidden to make them completely invisible in the down tube of the steel piece of art. For those who is still not enough, and optional 208 Wh extra battery can be mounted on the down tube, thank to its water bottle shape visually completely discreet.

The puristic asphalt-black matt finish in powder coating and the abstract design components as a graphic of the topography of Mönchengladbach are a visual delight. These small accents in yellow in ALBERTO eBike, ePowered by MAHLE, are used in brands committed to design like URWAHN and ALBERTO  both as a sign of identity and to ensure greater visibility and thus additional safety.

X20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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