X20 Pinion and X20 Gravel by Desiknio

Premium electric bikes from Desiknio

Desiknio’s new electric bikes offer a stylish and lightweight power-assisted ride using MAHLE X20 and X35 eBike Systems. Either range includes a rear hub electric bike motor, a concealed downtube battery, an integrated eBike controller, and Bluetooth connectivity. 

At only 13.5kg, Desiknio has designed and engineered these electric bikes using hand-crafted aluminum and carbon frames, with cutting-edge drive systems designed for high-performance gravel, road, and urban terrains.

X20 Pinion

Desiknio’s X20 Pinion bike features the latest motor technology by MAHLE and Pinion drive train. All non-Gravel models of Desiknio urban eBikes are available in either a Standard or Comfort frame geometry. Standard offers the classic diamond-shaped frame with a high top tube, whereas Comfort provides a low-slung top-tube option.

With either model of the X20 Pinion bike, you’ll have a battery powered bicycle with style that will stand out from the crowd with its latest eBike design.

In addition, the flagship X20 urban eBike is available with optional carbon forks.

X20 Gravel

Desiknio’s X20 Gravel bike is one of the first electric gravel bikes to incorporate MAHLE X20 System. It is a lightweight carbon fiber electric bike with a full monocoque carbon frame.

The X20 Gravel eBike is an all-carbon electric gravel bike. It uses the compact, and lightweight, MAHLE X20 motor, with a combination of low speed torque and a torque sensor to ensure smooth, proportionate power delivery to this electric gravel bike.

Weighing only 12 kg, the X20 Gravel eBike has a range of between 70 and 80 km.

X35 Pinion

Desiknio’s X35 Pinion gearbox bikes amalgamate a state-of-the-art pinion gearbox into a fully integrated, lightweight eBike system. These are premium class electric cycles engineered to be highly efficient. And with the latest eBike design, they look very stylish too!

This model is ePowered by MAHLE X35 Rear Hub Motor for consistent power, and a PAS sensor is integrated in the CNC milled dropout to detect pedaling by freewheel rotation.

X20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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