Scott x MAHLE

The new concept that will revolutionize the bike industry.

Scott and MAHLE have partnered to bring into the market one of the most striking newness in the recent years, the new Scott´s Addict eRIDE, ePowered by MAHLE with the lightest, smartest and more integrated ebike system in the market: The new MAHLE´s X20.

A revelation for the way we look at cycling.

“When we decided to make an Addict eRIDE it wasn’t to make things easier. No, we wanted to make things tougher. To make climbs higher, longer, steeper. To get you out of the house earlier, and back home later. Light, performant, and just as capable as its World Tour sibling, the Addict eRIDE is a revelation for the way we look at cycling.”

Ben Marchant
Ebike Global Marketing Lead Scott Sports

The New Addict eRIDE is pure Innovation, Technology and Design. MAHLE´s X20 systems allows the bike to keep the aesthetic and design of a premium road racing bike and a fantastically low weight of 10.5kg while supporting you when needed. X20 creates, through AI technology and Machine Learning, a perfect connection between the rider and the bike, modulating the support based on the concrete needs and circumstances of the rider and the environment.

The perfect Symbiosis

“The X20 system understands you and learns from you. That makes it react instantly for you just to feel the experience of going faster, climbing higher. It feels like the perfect Symbiosis”

Marco A. de la Serna,
Head of Strategy & Business Development MAHLE SmartBike Systems

Scott´s Addict eRide was one of the first and most successful road light ebikes in the market. X20 brings it a step further in this direction, helping users to design and define their own bike experience, allowing you them be supported how and when needed, without sacrificing lightness and visual beauty. Scott´s  new Addict eRIDE, ePowered by MAHLE´s X20 system, is clearly a new milestone in the history of the bike industry.

X-20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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