Lightest drive unit on the market

The crown jewel of the new X20 System, that drove the whole industry forward. Lightweight at only 1,399 grams It includes the AMC system -Automatic Motor Connection, pending patent- that gets rid of motor cables and allows the wheel to be positioned naturally,fixing it through a standard 12 mm thru-axle.

The subtlety of power

55Nm of torque and compatible with the EU (25Km/h) and US (20M/h) markets, the X20  drive unit is designed and assembled in Europe to reach a maximum performance level, completely eliminating the drag when maximum assisted speed is exceeded, not penalizing the rider.

Always ready

Compatible with all freewheel standards and groupsets up to 13 speeds. The X20 drive unit features a new quick freewheel replacement system that eases maintenance, keeping the engine ready at all times.

New Head Unit

Knowing everything happening in your eBike without interfering with the design and the riding experience is now a reality. At a glance, you can check battery level, assistance power, warnings and alerts, allowing the rider to focus on what is really important, the ride.

AI & Machine Learning

The X20 System is the first one capable of processing the signals from all sensors and rider movements, adapting ebike´s response to the terrain and user’s efforts and needs. It features Machine Learning technology to respond in real time and AI when post-processing in the Cloud.

You define your journey

With its 55Nm the X20 system will make you go further. The power, acceleration and reaction of the system can be adjusted by level of assistance*. The Torque & Cadence Sensor in the bottom bracket is a masterpiece that allows the integration of any groupset.

Farther, safer, more efficient, faster

The new batteries, iX2, iX3 and Range Extender, provide an assisted ride autonomy that can go beyond 140 KM, optimizing consumption thanks to the new generation of integrated motor controls.

Smart charging

The charging system is designed to provide information on the state of charge, update the system or adapt the charging current to the type and state of the battery, reducing charging times significantly.

One step further

The new generation of Range Extenders of 177Wh and only 1.1Kg of weight, increases ebike´s autonomy 50% to 70% and gives the possibility of adjusting the operating mode and discharge priority.

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