New Stajvelo eBike ePowered by MAHLE

The new Stajvelo eBike goes on the promenade ride at the Monaco GP

Stajvelo, a company dedicated to the design of innovative mobility solutions, chose our X20 System to develop its new urban bike with a rear wheel motor. This new project was created with a strong link to the Gran Prix in Monaco. Its design is a nod to this race and the new project was tested during the latest Grand Prix.

Be Ready to Ride the Road ahead!

As a successor to the the Nomades and Nomades R,  Stajvelo has created a renewed urban version of the bike, designed for every-day city use.

The power assistance of this new urban eBike, equipped with the X20 rear wheel motor, is the perfect companion for getting from point A to point B in the most demanding locations, with a packed schedule. It creates a high-performance riding experience with the best features that electric bikes can provide.

Keeping with the same philosophy of passion, simplicity, comfort and perfection, the new Stajvelo eBike, ePowered by MAHLE, will make you never want to set foot on the ground again.

The perfect balance between design, comfort and performance.

Weighing only 3.2 Kgs, the X20 system is the lightest on the market, and it will provide the right power at the right time to ride faster and climb higher.

In addition, AI delivers a customizable cycling experience, perfectly tailored to the rider, which makes this eBike the perfect choice for bike lovers looking for the best  balance between comfort and performance.

Its full system integration allows brands like Stajvelo to maintain their elegant aesthetics and design in their eBikes too.

The new Stajvelo, ePowered by MAHLE, brings passion and a design with style, for you to have a great time!

X-20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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