Warranty for Dealers

We strive to deliver excellent quality in our products every day, which enables us to provide the following warranty and coverage terms. 

 As MAHLE Smartbike Systems we guarantee to the DEALER that the drive system and all the electrical components of the purchased bicycle will function without any limitations for a duration of two years, in compliance with the following provisions. 

In the event of a fault or malfunction in the drive system and its components (battery included), MAHLE will take necessary action at their own discretion and cost, by providing new parts, or repairing them. We will address any defects related to material and/or manufacturing faults that are promptly reported and detected within 24 months (warranty period).

Your rights as DEALER are important to MAHLE.  It is also essential to understand that MAHLE has the authority to modify the terms of this warranty at any time, and they are not obligated to provide prior notice of any changes. 

It is important to read the MAHLE’s Guidelines carefully and follow MAHLE’s instructions for use and maintenance to avoid any issues with warranty claims.  


The warranty will be applied if:

  • The product does not exhibit any physical damage or indications of wear and tear resulting from usage that is not consistent with its intended purpose or that is inconsistent with the instructions provided in the user manual. Any damages arising from usage that deviates from the recommended guidelines may not be covered by the warranty.
  • The product does not show any characteristics that suggest unauthorized repairs, tampering, or modification of any of the product’s components or parts by repair shops that are not authorized by MAHLE. Any indications of such interventions may void the warranty.
  • The serial number of the products remains clearly visible and unaltered.
  • Some considerations:
    • If the End User purchases a new battery, the 2 years warranty period will be applied for this specific product.
    • The warranty will be applied only for the original owner of the bike 



Warranty Exclusions:

This warranty does not cover the following:

  • If there are damages resulting from improper use, accidents, falls, incorrect assembly, neglecting maintenance, or failing to follow the instructions for usage, storage, updating and charging as outlined in instructions of MAHLE. Additionally, the natural wear and tear of MAHLE batteries and the loss of their capacity due to regular use, charging, and storage are not covered under this warranty.
  • If a replacement part is needed, it doesn’t reset the original warranty period. For example, if an End User has a warranted product that is 6 months old and needs a replacement part, they will still have 18 months of warranty coverage left from the original purchase date, not 24 months (2 years).
  • If the fault or error occurs outside the warranty period, the warranty will not be applied.
  • If the battery has got already 500 battery cycles, the warranty will not be applied. The cycles can be checked through our APP and our Dashboard.
  • Battery operation out of the safety operation region (as defined in the battery specifications).
  • Log data no available (fully partially or damaged).
  • Continued abusive operation such as storage out of the described specification (longer time than specified; temperatures out of range).

Warranty Process

In the event of an alleged defect covered by this warranty, please contact MAHLE  directly https://mahle-smartbike.com/contact/ . Ensure you have prepared the following information before contacting us:

  • Bike serial number, which can be found on the frame.
  • Invoice of the bike. If there is not any End User invoice, MAHLE will take into consideration the manufacturing date of the E-Bike (two years following the manufacturing).
  • Detailed description of the defect. Please also include if possible:

            1) Type of failure or error code (intermittent assistance, pink flashing light, assistance cannot be changed, error code #1…) 
            2) Pictures or proof of the defect 

 MAHLE will perform a diagnosis.  If MAHLE finds the product to be defective, MAHLE will decide whether to repair, replace or pick up for analysis.  In any case, the Dealer will be informed about the approval or denial of the warranty cases.