MAHLE iX350 battery exchange process

MAHLE iX350 battery

Step by step exchange process

Step by step battery exchange process

1. How to perform the battery exchange.

Please follow the instructions described in the video below.


2. How to update the bike

Please follow the instructions described in the video below.


Choose and download the latest firmware

X20 Active Charger

latest firmware

Please select a model

X20 System

latest firmware

3. How to run a diagnosis process through MAHLE´s SmartBike Lab App

It is important to run the diagnosis process through MAHLE´s SmartBike Lab App at the end of the process to make sure everything worked out properly.

Download MAHLE´s Smartbike Lab App

If you don’t have the SmartBike Lab app yet, please download it for iOS or Android. Once you have downloaded the app, please ask your national Scott Technical Service department to create and set up your Mahle dealer account.

MAHLE Smartbike Lab
in App Store

MAHLE Smartbike Lab
in Google Play Store

4. How to return the old battery and get your work refunded

Once the process is completed, please follow these steps to have your work refunded and return the battery to MAHLE:

4.1. Provide the necessary information to receive your payment

In order for us to be able to compensate you with 60 EUR net for the time invested in this process, we will need you to compile the documents described below and send them to

  • Partner registration form, which can be found HERE
  • Bank certificate
  • Invoice for the work done. Please ensure that the invoice includes your company’s VAT number and that it is addressed to:

    C/ORFEBRES 10 – 34004 – SPAIN
    VAT ESB34273367

Please be aware that payment will not be made until the old batteries are received at MAHLE’s facilities in Spain, as detailed in the process.

4.2. Return the old battery to MAHLE​

Once the entire process has been completed, please contact MAHLE’s customer-service team to organise the shipment of your old battery. MAHLE will take care of all the necessary steps and let you know how to proceed.

From 8 am to 6 pm CET – Monday through Friday

Note: Please retain the packaging from your new battery to use for the old battery’s return, as only this packaging complies with the legal requirements for battery transportation.