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PulsarONE is an ANT+ eBike computer developed by MAHLE specially designed to be used with electric Bikes compatible with ANT+.  Completely wireless, the new PULSARONE connects to the eBike system using the ANT+ LEV.  

2.1 inches no back

2.1 inches

Its display will allow you to clearly visualize all the information related to the system, your ride and your performance.

ANT+ connection

ANT + connection

All new MAHLE eBike Systems communicate using ANT+ technology. So, you can connect PulsarONE as eBike computer using the ANT+ wireless connection.

Open to any other no back

Open to any other

It is possible to connect PulsarONE eBike computer to other different ANT+ accessories like power meters, cadence or heart rate sensors. All at the same time to complete the information of your ride.

Adds up to

0 km

of extra range

Improves your battery life

Low weight, sleek design

Different configuration

With 2 different optional mounts it is possible to place the display in 4 different positions, but also it is possible to use other compatible mounts.

Information at a glance

Get information about the ride and its performance. As well as a set of additional calculated data essential for any rider, such as average speed, maximum speed, ride time, distance traveled, eBike odometer and much more.

Control over the system

Take control of your ebike! You can increase and decrease the level of assistance, control the headlights and activate the walk assist mode.

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Getting into details

How to Pair PulsarOne

MAHLE SmartBike Lab

Discover how to install PulsarONE wireless to the X20 or X35 System as well as any other ANT+ enabled device, to improve control of your driving performance


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Always keep your SmartBike up to date – Our latest System Updates for X20 and X35 Systems

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