New ROSE SNEAK+ ePowered by MAHLE

The Next Gen Urban Statement Bike

Together with MAHLE, ROSE Bikes has launched  the SNEAK+, its third bike plat-form to join the ROSE+ family.  With its minimalist design, sporty geometry and city-friendly equipment, the new SNEAK+, ePowered by MAHLE, serves the demanding urban bike category.

Fully integrated, lightweight and minimalist.

At first glance, it is almost impossible to identify the SNEAK+ as an e-bike. Only the “+” in the name and the discreet power button on the top tube give an indication of how much is really in this single speed bike. Motorized, yet lightweight, low-maintenance and including a light system – the versatile e-bike meets all the demands of a big city.

In addition, there is the free MAHLE SmartBike App for Android & iOS, which can be used to check the battery status as well as the support modes.

The available colors are called “all white” and “all black”.

Reclaim the streets!

With its 3.5 kilograms, the MAHLE motor is lightweight and inconspicuously installed in the rear wheel hub. It provides three support levels to ensure smooth starting & stopping. A 250-watt battery is hidden in the delicate down tube and the only control element is the power button.

One bike, one gear, one button. Behind the minimalist, “fixie” look is true electrified power. The SNEAK+ ePowered by MAHLE brings pure riding fun back to the road with plenty of style.

X-20 System

The lightest and smartest ebike
rear hub system on the market.


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